RLT Food and Spices

The RLT Food and Spices is one of the new business ventures of RLT Group. The main idea is to make high-quality foods at an affordable cost through large-scale production. In order to provide food on a large scale, we produce, manage and distribute regularly. We are here to fulfill the people’s requirements and deliver as they want. RLT is on the mission to support many small-scale restaurants which lack proper operation areas and help them to increase their productivity by saving cost and time. We are in a long-time connection with many restaurants and growing together on the path to success. In addition to that, we ensure that it is cost-efficient and affordable to all. Moreover, we prioritize people’s health and nutrition as important factors which made us look after food safety. We not only focus on health we equally see to the taste of food that we serve. People always go for tasty foods in which we are equally working on taste and flavor to grab people’s attention. Thus we strive to maintain the quality of our food and work hard to give high-quality food products in the hands of the people.


I ordered Fondant cake for my daughter first birthday party, which was so attractive and tasty as I expected


The consistency of the icing was so good and the taste was awesome.


My son loved the KitKat cake from RLT which was filled with gems. Children would really love this cake to eat.


I ordered a cartoon cake for my daughter, It looked very much attractive and so good to taste. She enjoyed her birthday.

K Moorthy

The Jar cakes looked very attractive, it pulled me to buy so I brought Tiramisu jar cake which tasted out of the world.


My mother loves Sponge cakes, I ordered Classic Vitoria Sponge cake for her,  which was so soft and the flavor was too tasty.

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