Hotel Management

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Hotel Management & IIEP

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Hotel Management is an ever-growing industry offering tons and tons of opportunities for people who are trained in a particular discipline. Doing a course in hotel management opens new extraordinary opportunities to lead a better career. There are so many different areas in the hotel management to pursue such as food & beverage services, front office, bakery, catering, and tourism. There is a huge scope for people who wish to explore different cultures, different environments, and different foods. So it could be one of the best choices if you are passionate about the hotel management industry. 

Industry Integrated Education Programme(IIEP) is a unique program launched by Jawaharlal Nehru Technical Education Council of skill development(JNTE CSD) wherein the learning is seamlessly integrated with Institution and Industry. This program is beneficial for professionals who have years of experience in the hotel management field. Though they have proper skills they are not considered professional because they lack certification. Thus IIEP program provides an opportunity for these candidates to become skilled certificated professionals. Students are equipped with industry-oriented skills through both theoretical and practical knowledge.

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