Diploma in Agriculture

In the future, there exists a huge demand for agriculture globally because of the need to feed over 10 billion people by 2050. In addition to that, there are many challenges associated with achieving this goal such as changing climate and increasing competition for land, decreasing water resources and energy resources, there is a need for the agricultural sector to find innovative ways and technology. In order to achieve this an interdisciplinary approach with problem-solving skills will be required. RLT brings together students to offer practical knowledge in agriculture and horticulture with an effective diploma program in Agriculture and Horticulture through adapting and integrating knowledge from different disciplines of agriculture.

Diploma in Agriculture

Diploma in Agriculture program discovers valuable knowledge in things such as Agriculture technology and crop management dealing with pests, climate, and practices on how to run a farm alongside topics including plant pathology, plant biotechnology,  agricultural entomology, etc. After this diploma course, the students will be able to resolve agriculture issues with scientific methods.


12th standard  for Alagappa University / 10th standard for  JNTE



Affiliated to Alagappa University / Jawaharlal Nehru Technical Education JNTE



₹20,000/ per term




RLT Institute of Agriculture and Horticulture


10 + Years of Farming

Smart farming can make agriculture more profitable for the farmer. It provides a concerted path out of locked-in technologies and practices characterized by strong polarization and market segmentation. In RLT we mold the students with updated techniques to make them future-ready professionals.

15 + Acre Farm

RLT Farms is located in Chengalpattu which has a Poly house, Integrated Farming field, Fish Pond, Animal Husbandry, Horticulture Plant Area, Poultry House, Herbal Garden, Pandal vegetable Area,  Shade Net House facility to give the error-free practical experience to our students which would help them to understand better.

100% Placement

Professions in agribusiness offer many open doors for diploma holders studying agriculture & Horticulture. It is an exceptionally adaptable field that gives positions in a broad scope of workplaces. We provide 100% placement to all the students, we mold them into Agricultural Economist, Engineer, Agronomy Manager, Animal Geneticist & Biochemist.

Recognized University

The institute provides magnificent residential facilities offering a comprehensive range of facilities within the institute. We understand that most of our students are moving away from home for the first time, so we strive to make the transition as smooth as possible by providing a comfortable, safe, and homely set up within the campus.

Scientific Methods of Learning

RLT follows Scientific methods of learning which includes selecting seeds, for instance, farmers can be assured of a higher percentage of germination which results in Higher harvest. This scientific method of investigation and problem solving combined with scientific-based technologies this approach can help farmers to address their problems.

Part-Time Earning

Earn While Learn – We implement this concept to motivate the student both financially and academically. Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for about 58% of India’s population, also the Indian food processing industry accounts for 32% of the country’s total food market. We do with small earning for cultivate the food crops.

Merit & Sports Scholarships

RLT offers scholarship opportunities to students who aspire to pursue higher education in agriculture and Horticulture. We provide Merit Scholarships upto Rs 5000/-, Sports Scholarship Rs 2500/-, and Single women parent scholarships 15% on first-year fees.

Free Books & Uniforms

Course fees include uniform material and Semester books. We provide one set of regular uniforms and one set of farm uniforms along with a Lab coat to the students. We provide semester books that will be useful for students throughout their careers.

Safe Hostel Facility

We understand that most of our students are moving away from home for the first time, so we strive to make the transition as smooth as possible by providing a comfortable, safe, and homely setup within the campus. All the rooms have been designed to provide adequate moving space and ample air and light.

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