Courses Offered

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Courses We Offered

The course will enrich them to expand their specific skills and creativity so as to keep pace with the constantly altering requirements of the industry.

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Agriculture and Horticulture

In the future, there exists a huge demand for agriculture globally because of the need to feed over 10 billion people by 2050. In addition to that, there are many challenges associated with achieving this goal such as changing…

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Hotel Management

Hotel Management is an ever-growing industry offering tons and tons of opportunities for people who are trained in a particular discipline. Doing a course in hotel management opens new extraordinary opportunities to lead a better career…

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International Degree & Diploma

RLT Offers International Degree Program in collaboration with Zurich City Business School, Switzerland. We at RLT create opportunities for students who dream to study & settle in foreign nations…

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RLT Food and Spices

The food chain business is one of the new business verticals of RLT. The whole idea is to make high-quality foods at an affordable cost through large-scale production. We serve food supplies to both individuals and also other entities….


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Parlour Management

Beauty and Cosmetology are one of the industries that are hardly affected by recession or economic downfalls. This industry is booming throughout the world as all people want to look good not only to boost their confidence…


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Agri Tourism

Agricultural tourism is a worldwide trend in entertainment in which having a relatively new market for tourists offers a chance for city dwellers to escape the urban environment and re-discover their rural roots…